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How to start, how to explain.
I had so many false starts and so many times I thought I was definately coming back here. But then something always happened that made me delay.

I decided to take up a computer graphics course. I love it, I got to learn how to use Corel and Photoshop and Flash. I especially loved Flash and doing animations with it and I really wish it didn't cost that much money to get it.

I spent a lot of time sketching but found it hard to actually sit down to finish anything. I spend 8 hours a day in front of the computer at work and when I had to spend even more at home... extremely tiring.

I have finished a couple of things though. I will be posting them here in a minute.
I also put my new skills in Flash to use and took part in a fanart contest organized by Peter V. Brett, an amazing author, creator of the Painted Man and the Demon Cycle.
I made a video which depicted the final scene in his previous book. Took me a month to finish. Planning, drawing, coloring, and putting it all together... and then I had trouble exporting the file, which almost killed me because the deadline was getting near :XD: It did pay off, though. I won :)

 If you want you can check it out here:

Hope you enjoyed, if you watched ;)

Anyway. I want to be more active here from now on. And I will do my best to do so.
I apologize for any inconvenience my absence might have caused.
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FordPrefect4242 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
BTW What DAO character is your favorite? I mean, of the ones you make up yourself?

istarted with mage, but then got bored and made a Dalish Elf. I admit I like this twist on how they USED to be like Tolkien elves, until humans enslaved them :XD:
I REALLY WANNA DRAW HER THOUGH. Lyna, redhead, Dalish Elf.... starts off as not understanding and resenting humans, but then sees the ones who need charity and gives it to them... but she totally killed all the bandits though. NO MERCY TO THE JERKS. :XD:
Wirrer Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I started out with an Elvish Mage and she was pretty much ok, I finished the game with her. But then I got myself a Human Noble, Hana, who was a warrior and was really cool. I don't want to give away too much but I think she's one of my personal favorites - she's from the upper class so when you're dealing with the nobles she's treated a little differently than other types of characters.

At the moment, I have a City Elf - I named him Caswyn, because I couldn't come up with anything else and panicked :XD: - he's thin and has these tatoos under his eyes that look like shadows and he's bald; I always imagine him being incredibly angry, because he's lived all his life in the ghetto and saw so much pain and injustice, and he couldn't stop it. And I love how people react to him being a Gray Warden because they don't know how to treat an Elf holding such a position :XD: he enjoys challenging questions and making people uncomfortable :XD: But he generally has a good heart :XD:
I have this moment in my head, when Duncan takes him away and they travel to Ostagar; and Caswyn's so fascinated he starts running around, catching the wind because he's never seen so much free space before.
FordPrefect4242 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
yeah I first started with an Elvish mage too! but I got bored pretty quick... I guess because the mages were all being jedi like and accepting her... and I really wanted to find out more about the different races in this game/story. SRSLY....I loves the almost Tolkien dynamic with the elves... though TBH...I think the female dwarves should have beards too. Because Disc World....

the opening for Dalish elves is really pretty exciting too <3 I like...couldn't stop playing it.... and then I realized I got further than my mage, so I just kept playing it :XD:
But why would you choose a male? If you choose male can't romance Alistair!!
omg maybe it's the accent or his sense of humor, or the fact that I haven't been playing KotOR... but I think I like Alistair more than Carth :XD: Or maybe it's that I can see Alistair's sadness....y'know, with all the Grey Wardens having been slain/betrayed... I can't really see Carth's family dying so maybe it has less effect on me? O.o IDK
Commere, Alistair, and speak all british-y again... yeshhhh<3

Zavran is pretty cool too <3 It's funny how I realized he was my companion just as I was talking to him after I defeated him... at first I was like, "whaaa? he's not dead? DAMMIT"
Then as I talked to him and he spilled the beans, I realized how similar he was to favorite Bounty Hunter Companion from SWTOR. (THIS IS WHY YOU MUST PLAY SWTOR. GAULT!!)
How are they similar? well the weird thing they have for their own survival...and the fact that you were just about to kill them like...right before they make a deal with you :XD:
But Gault is not an assassin....
Wirrer Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have already had two romances with Alistair :XD: And the City Elf is the only origin story that changes slightly with the gender of your character so I wanted to check it out. And then I just got hooked on Caswyn :XD:

Daarn, don't tell me about Alistair's beautiful accent T_T I own a Polish copy of the game for PS3 and the distributor thinks that the Poles are to lazy to read subtitles/learn the language to play in original language :/ so I have to play in Polish :/ I realized it only after I bought my copy.
Overall, you can get used to it and play it (I spent hours on it, honestly) but there are just moments which make you go "OHHELLNO!" Like when there is this Qunari guy in a cage in Lothering - and I'm just frolicking around, doing quests and I see him and say hi and Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ that's Piotr Fronczewski! He's a Polish actor and does some audiobook recording and dubbing. But I loathe his voice. So when I found out you can actually recruit him, I didn't even bother because I'd have to listen to his darn voice all the time...

Zevran is awesome too :D get him some shoes :D

You know, with Alistair - you actually got to meet Duncan and see how he dies - and I bet you didn't see that coming. So it's very different from Carth.
Aaand, the faces in DAO are a bit more animated so it's easier to get influenced by those puppy eyes of his :XD:

Anyway, how far in are you right now?
(1 Reply)
FordPrefect4242 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
someone's taking your lightsaber staff idea for Iona!

or I dunno. maybe it's not a lightsaber.... BUT WHATEVER.
Wirrer Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ZOMF, it would be so awesome if she really had a lightsaber staff in the new SW movie! :D that would be so badass!

Although I'm absolutely in love with Iona's lightsaber, I have to admit that I wasn't the first to get this idea ;) there are lots of guys with lightsaber staffs in The Force Unleashed and I guess that's what first inspired me ;)
FordPrefect4242 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
yesh it would...!
I still wanna see how the original characters come in this story though <3 I heard the books that come after episode 6 don't really count any more :XD:

never played it... :XD:
Wirrer Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It breaks my heart that the books don't count anymore; there's a shitload of them and there are some freaking amazing ones. I had so many amazing moments with the New Jedi Era...

Yeah, I can't wait to see it, too, both the new characters and the old ones.

TFU is really awesome ;) I think it's one of my favorite games ever - and it is somewhere at the top of the list of the best SW games. It's more of a what the Polish call "rozpierducha" which can loosely (veeeery loosely) and elegantly translate to "the art of destruction" ;)
If you have a chance to play, I highly recommend it ;)
(1 Reply)
Phantagrafie Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks for faving. :)
Tribute by Phantagrafie
Eduar14 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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